Matthew McConaughey Will Sell You His Clothes For Charity

If you can put his propensity for wearing T-shirts with his own movie quotes aside, Oscar-wining actor Matthew McConaughey is actually a pretty stylish guy. Whether he’s methodically rubbing his thumb and forefinger together in those Lincoln commercials or walking the red carpet, McConaughey has a knack for pulling off bold looks.

For all those who admire McConaughey’s swag, there’s reason to say, “Alright, alright, alright.” Sharity, a shopping site where proceeds go to charity, is selling items from McConaughey’s closet to benefit his Just Keep Livin Foundation.

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Trend Watch: Celebrities Selling Their Old Clothes Online

From Dwyane Wade to Scott Disick, celebs everywhere have begun cleaning out their closets and hocking stuff on eBay in the name of charity…. If you saw Matthew McConaughey’s psychadelic plaid Vivienne Westwood suit back in 2013 and thought, “Now THAT’S something I need in my life—but not unless I can get it second hand,” then today is your lucky day.

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Sharon Stone Auctions Off Iconic Outfits For Charity

What’s better than picking up a piece of Hollywood history and supporting a good cause?

Now you can get your hands on some of Sharon Stone’s most iconic and coveted outfits. The longtime amfAR supporter and philanthropist is auctioning off gowns, shoes and coats on to help raise funds for the Facebook-based movement, YaLa-Young Leaders, which helps youth instigate change in the Middle East and North Africa.


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