Patricia Arquette’s Oscars speech and her charity GiveLove

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Patricia Arquette’s Oscars speech garnered cheers and jeers alike this week during her appearance at the Academy Awards. Arquette gained accolades from fellow actresses like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez and supporters around the world, for her acceptance speech after winning best supporting actress for Boyhood, during which she championed equal pay rights. However, when asked backstage to expand on her onstage comments, her remarks left supporters puzzled and disappointed. Arquette quickly took to Twitter the next day to clarify her statements, but a (much-needed) conversation about gender equality and discrimination had already started.

Arquette also used her visibility to draw attention to her charity, GiveLove, on the red carpet. Founded by Arquette and Rosetta Getty (who also happened to design Arquette’s Oscars dress), this non-profit organization provides support and environmental solutions to Haitians displaced after the earthquake in 2010.


Watch Patricia Arquette talk about her charity, GiveLove, on the Oscars red carpet

A staunch supporter of the cause, the Academy Award-winning actress has visited Haiti numerous times. She’s currently collaborating with Chideo to increase awareness and fundraising for GiveLove and its efforts; each donation comes with a “reward,” as well as entries into an opportunity to travel to Haiti for a site visit with Patricia Arquette and the GiveLove team.


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