Pediatric Interim Care Center

Pediatric Interim Care Center answers the crying need of babies who come into life affected by drugs their mothers took during pregnancy.

For 24 years, PICC has been in the forefront of providing better care for these innocent victims of drug abuse… better than rushing them through quick detox regimes in hospital nurseries… better than sending them home to survive as best they can in the chaos of a drug-involved household.

The better way PICC provides is an interim care nursery that specializes in bringing drug-affected newborns comfortably through withdrawal with 24-hour medical supervision, a soothing homelike environment, and expert care. Located in Kent, Washington, PICC’s Newborn Nursery is the only facility providing safe shelter and 24-hour nursing care for drug-affected and medically fragile infants in Washington State. During the baby’s stay, which averages about a month, PICC’s social work staff facilitates family visitation and training for caregivers.  After discharge, the social worker follows the infant for a minimum of six months to ensure that the baby continues to thrive in a home environment.

Since its founding in 1990, PICC has brought more than 2,800 drug-exposed newborns safely through withdrawal and saved Washington State’s healthcare system more than $80 million by providing a cost-effective alternative to hospitalization for babies requiring narcotic-assisted withdrawal.

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